Rufumbira niki

Rufumbira is language spoken by people called Bafumbira.


Who are the Bafumbira people that speak Rufumbira language?


The Bafumbira people are groups of people who live in Kisoro District in South-Western part of Uganda under the foothills of Mountain Muhaura. They are neighbours to Bakiga of Kabale District, Kanungu District, Banyarwanda of the Republic of Rwanda and Congolese of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mountain Muhavura is the border of these countries that are neighbours to Kisoro District. See the picture of the mountain below where the Bafumbira live.

The Bafumbira speak almost the same language as the Banyarwanda of Rwanda and have the almost the same culture which they practice like marriage, love looking after Cows and other animals. Kisoro is the home district of Mountain Gollira in the world.

To their west, is Zaire and to their south is Rwanda. The Bafumbira-Banyarwanda land is mountainous and cool.  Bafumbira was part of Rwanda until the boundary adjustments of 1910.  The actual inhabitants of Bafumbira-Banyarwanda, in descending order of numerical superiority, are the Bahuutu, the Batutsi and the Batwa.

Essentially, they are Banyarwanda and they speak Kinyarwanda.

The Batwa are said to have been the original inhabitants of Bufumbira and they are closely related to the Bambuti of Mt. Rwenzori.

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